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Saturday, August 15, 2009


We never made it to Sintra, as our focus was mainly in the south-west regions. But the landscape is still very familiar. Brings back wafts of orange blossom mixed with eucalyptus that will forever be "Portugal" to me. *sigh*

I just discovered you and I am so excited that I did...I LOVE your journal pages, your expression, images and words...You are in these publications I love...How did I not notice you earlier?...AND you live in the LA area...me too. When is your next journal class? I'll sure be adding you to my blogroll to visit you often.

Generous and patient? Are you kidding? These make my life better. Rock on.

Will you write a book and name one of the characters Kas? I'm aching to go on an adventure with you!

I wondered how you were getting pics, on the spot, to put into your journal (surely a printer is not included amongst your traveling art supplies?)......

I love postcards. :-)

Thank you for taking us with you on your travels.

As has been said above, thank YOU for taking us along on the memory train.

No thank you for allowing us to peek inside your travel journal, it makes me feel like I was there.

I am thoroughly enjoying your post travel blog entries! What a magical trip. The journal pages are so much fun to look at and the little videos...awesome. Those last two tile photos here made me gasp when I saw them. Wow! What color and texture.

Can you talk Sister into sharing her journal too? I want it all...:>

Mary Ann:
Your travel journal is so amazing both in its construction and in the way you documented your trip. I would so love to make something like this for my upcoming vacation? Any chance you could post some tips for making one or perhaps plan to teach an online class in how to do this? Hint, hint. Nancy

I love repeat pattern and boy, did you find some to show me! There's a huge art lesson right there in the tiles, perhaps to be duplicated in several handcut stencils.

The photo of the castle through the fog is so evocative. Love it.

Wow! The tiles are amazing, the castle, what a wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing!

Are you kidding? THANK YOU for being such a generous and amazing artist as to share with all of us! Oh, Ms. Moss, you are amazing.

you've travelled so far and picked out patterns that are sooo u - it's like they were waiting for you.

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