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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I get the feeling Lisbon is very clean .
The last time I was in Rome (Fall 07) I was very saddened to see so much trash in the fountain. There were people cleaning picking up the trash, but they just couldn't keep up.

love your trip and journal, thanks for sharing with us!

Poladroiding those pictures enhances the dreamy qualities; filming the park shares the feeling of the day. How clean everything is. What a blissful day. How lovely that you and Sister do so much together.

Thanks for sharing the journey. Loving the journal!

I love that you just point the camera on something that catches your attention and let us look, simply look, and hear the same background noises you heard - the fountain water was musical. Thanks so much.

Your photographs are pure heaven. Wish I had gone with you.

here's what I think sometimes, when i'm somewhere dear like this. i think: this is happening here every day. like in the grand canyon, i thought: that sage is blowing gently in the breeze, filling the air with fragrance, soaking up sun, every day.

and i'm in my office.

I'm so enjoying your travel posts-feeling almost as if I was there. Thankyou for sharing. CW

Thank you -- For taking me places I may never have the chance to visit.

Isn't Wide Sargasso Sea a fabulous magnificent book? I've read it so many times.

Whenever you re-read it, you'll see the parks and the fountains and your Sister - everything in Lisbon distilled.

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