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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The photos, the video, the words --- all while viewed from my desk at work --- it's an escape for me that I welcome with open arms! ThankYouThankYouThankYou!

Oh, the world, so wide and delightful and the food so tasty and lovely to behold. Drinking it all in thanks to your dispatch; thank you, avid traveller!

Mary Ann, I loved the video -- it made me flash TOTALLY back to Venice, to the day we visited the islands of Murano (blown glass) and Burano -- where every house is painted a different color, gleaming, saturated, BRIGHT-A** colors ... I'm thinking Lisbon and I must arrange a meeting. Soon. Love your posts.

Hi There!

I can't remember how I found your blog a few months ago--but I've SOOO enjoyed watching and hearing about your life and adventures! I was in Portugal last year, and fell in love with the place as well--so have looked forward to your return and your sharing. Nothing new to add, but wanted you to be aware that others out in cyberland truly enjoy your take on life and so enjoy being in the moment with you--albeit at a distance! Thanks for sharing.

OMG you are making me SO "homesick"! Went to Portugal 3 years ago and can't wait for the day I return. Pastel de Nata! And were you smitten by any of the Sopa do Dia? We'd often make a meal of this, couvert and a caffe com leite. Memories!

Thank you.

yes - details on the salad with walnuts...

I don't know, that salad of yours looks pretty spectacular to me. I'm guessing goats cheese and walnuts.

Oh! Those ice-cream coloured houses! Such civic pride. MUST get to Lisboa one bright day.

i must jump INTO the fountain.
looking very forward to that blurb book. i'm looking so forward to it i'm backward.

thank you for all these great sites!

oh you make me want to go back, I have been in Lisboa a couple years ago and loved it so much. Isn't this city making your heart happy?

wow... what color, what sky! jeez, these posts make my heart race. seriously. i think i need small doses... xo

b-u-t-FULLL, yum, LOL, too much eye candy for one setting, must return again and again and here's hoping that lottery comes through for you 'cause I want to come visit you and eat and ride and read and eat and read and ride and I'll need you to pay for me to do that!...smooches

anna maria - i didn't take the nikon to lisbon WAY TOO HEAVY and cumbersome. took my good old fuji finepix s5200. that's what i used for photos. for video i took a little flip ultra hd - tiny little thing, fits in a pocket easily.

You must tell us what you and your sister were eating in the video! Both plates looked amazing! It is probably your impish grin that caused the waiters and servers to load you up!

What a beautiful city!

Wow, I had no idea Lisbon was like that. Never actually thought much about Lisbon, but it certainly looks like a beautiful city to visit. I loved the colors of the buildings in the video and how bright and blue the sky was.
Did you take the videos with your Nikon D-90?

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