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Sunday, August 30, 2009


This makes me shudder, it brings back vivid memories of our terrible black Saturday back in February, 173 people died. I certainly hope you don't have any loss of life. Thinking of you all.

i'm resting. ;-)

Worried about you. You haven't posted, you haven't been evacuated have you?

They're now looking at Sept. 15th. At least it's a bit more humid, but that's not enough. We're hoping it doesn't get over the mountain to our foothills. Hope you are well and safe, and all your little one's lungs, too!

I've been watching the news. The size of the fires is just frightening. Like our devastating fires last summer.

Smoke from the fires has made it here to the Front Range of the Rockies in Colorado! I can't imagine what it must be like there!! Sending good and safe thoughts to you and the posse!!!

Keep yourself safe, Mary Ann.

Our village is surrounded by miles of forest. I have only to shut my eyes and imagine an LA-type disaster to feel truly terrified.

Word at the dog park tonight in Albuquerque was that your fires are providing extra spectacular sunsets for us. Nothing like dirty particulate in the air to brighten things up. Hopefully hurricane Jimena will bring you much needed moisture. The pictures make a lump in my throat.

I heard about these on the news. How horrible! I can't imagine what it must be to see something like this.

They aren't expected to get nearer to you are they?

I saw the same thing yesterday from the UCLA campus and was mesmerized. It is such a spectacle. Making my primal mind think of a volcano eruption or a nuclear blast.

We can see the other side of the fire from here. I took photos from our yard over the weekend....they look so scary! You said it best....an epic fire.

The fires are frequent and regular enough that you now have sufficient posts over the years for an LA Fires only category - more than Cal in the News. Yikes

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