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Monday, August 10, 2009


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oh it looks like a great trip you both had, those travel journals, I would like to have seen more....are you going to show them.

Great photos and loved the video. I want more of those videos - hope you have more to share.

That shot of Carol in the wooden car whooshing past the tile wall...an underground?

This city is on my list


Nice photos - I was in Lisbon for a few days about 5 years ago and loved it!

WOW... what a wonderful trip this was! I am jealous.

This is a lovely entry, Mary Ann.

Just look at that beautiful girl. Imagine getting on a tram wearing a huge red flower, obviously the most natural thing in the world to her. However, I think you'd probably need dark glossy hair.

Thanks for sharing...it reminds me how much I enjoyed my trip to Lisbon a few years ago. Hope you'll let us take a peek at your finished travel journal and maybe your sister's, too.

Super di duper!

When I imagine Lisbon, the tiles and scrolls are in the brain pictures. How wonderful that you now have this fabulous camera (directed by your keen vision) to collect these sights.

Thanks for the virtual trip. I'm loving your photos and descriptions of Lisbon.

Oh how fabulous - thank you for sharing! Those photos of the buildings are absolutely wonderful. I so want to travel now!

Wow! Thanks for the ride.

You'll have to come and ride the trams in Melbourne sometime.

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