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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Love your blog and your journals...was so inspired by the stencils that i just ordered the "sisterhood" set...the others were sold out...I'll have to keep an eye out for more esty additions to grab some more when they are available. Thanks so much for the link and your inspiring journals....love the RED...have a safe trip to Portugal. Fondly, Roberta

I like the stencil work (and esp the idea of wiping your brush on a blank journal...I am so cheap and hate to waste anything!) but it was the link to those pasteis! I feel like a crack head with my mouth salivating at the thought AND image. I could easily talk dh into a September trip....hmmm.

WOW! These stencils look SO cool!

i found my way here from renee's blog...i used to edit a stenciling mag for many years...i am doing new things and experimenting wildly painting my dropcloths and turning them into purses and accessories...i will be teaching my technique at John Campbell Folk School next may...so glad you have directed me to more stencils to use...great job....i look forward to connecting with you more....hugs and blessings, rebecca

so glad to know about these stencils....and especially loving the birds. i just love it over here....

Love the pages.

Funny thing about cleaning brushes on a page. I do that often, on the page facing the one I am working on because I always mix too much paint, and I invariably find the "clean up" page more interesting than the intentional one. I think it's kind of like doing blind contour drawing.

From what I understand, this will be your second trip to Lisbon. Must be a very special place!

Wow, Mary Ann...what a nice thing you did for me and my Emporium. All my stencils are made by Coffee Break Design, but some he does exclusively for me.
You are the best, as we all keep telling you.
Love and hugs to you! Ginny

more play time today! sharing some over yonder....

happy to be in your inspiration-al sphere these few weeks!

You did something again! I love these things you alert us to! To which you alert us! As someone who is too anal and hyper-critical of self and others, most often Dick Clark, I desperately NEED your sense of play and your perspective. So, stop it.

YAY, again! GREAT pages. If this is the Ginny of whom I know, I'm zipping over there right now. If it isn't, I'm zipping over the right now!!

Love the skyline and the flock of birds. I just got a new pkg of transparencies over the weekend so new stencils are in my future.

LOVE, LOVE....LOVE the skyline with the birds. Flocks of birds make my heart flutter. I'm headed over to emporium to see what is up....

cool! love the words...did you get the one of the woman with a topknot? love the running men too and with your interpretation...fabulous! smooches

Love the stencilfest! And Ginny's Emporium, WOW!

I always wanted to own an emporium. ;)

The Japanese five petal blossom stencil looks rather like the design you get if you cut okra and use it to rubber stamp. Is that tryout book your previous calendar? It is fun to see how the coils develop over repeated and varied dusts of spray color.

PLAY is always good.

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