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Monday, June 15, 2009


oh, MAN do I like this stuff. And I agree about the spray washes. It's weird that Andirondack would let that lie.
I want a viking journal! I'm going to the previous post and find out about it.

Actually I got both the books you recommended, and am loving them.. True no surface is safe when I am stenciling.

It's way too wet outside to use aerosols, and I dont like the water ones...soooo....

I'm drooling! You are without a doubt the Queen of Stenciling!! Love those little leaves and the three pattern stencils. Ok, that's it....I'm off to do some art! Once again you've inspired me.


Cool stencils and great pages. And thanks for your thoughts about the different sprays.

So, where did the little all-over patterns come from?

shawn - shawn, look at the pics from the posts below - i didn't do a tutorial, just showed my progress as i went along. i sew fabriano 140 lb. hotpress (smooth) paper in between the covers of OLD books. i removed the spine and replaced with duct tape. much in the same way i wrapped the spine of the portfolios with tape in class. then i just sew in signatures. this stitch is a basic easy stitch called the longstitch. check a good book on bookmaking out from the library and you'll probably see more details.
the spiral bound calendar book was made from THICK cardstock (the old calendar pages)




hope this helps. if not, a martini before beginning your next stenciling session might.

:-) mary ann

it all looks SO EFFORTLESS that it can make me dangnabit annoyed and jealous, envious and sorry to say, somewhat frustrated by my lack of making any of my pages look effortless!!! I had a question about the type of journal you use, not the groovy viking one i see, but i just use the spiral ones found in Micheals but am not really loving how they hold up once I start gluing-painting...i can't seem to find the answer to this question which i'm sure you provided in the first stencil class...sorry...

I have got to find some time to get myself sorted for class. I want to do some shopping for supplies.

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