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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Love this post too! That cocktail is looking mighty pleasing...even at 9:30 a.m. It is summer vacation, dontcha know? Love Germinatix - that project in Mexico looks just amazing. You guys in LA garden is such an amazing way. Glorious. We in the arid West have such a short growing season. But I'm loving my garden and so happy to have it green again! Feel better soon! xo frannie

I'm gonna start my new health drink this morning.
Maybe take some to work for the crew-
Hope you feel better soon!

I haven't been by for a few days and know I learn you've been feeling bad. Yuk! That's no fun. I hope you're doing better now. That "health" drink should do the trick!

Oh I am sorry your under the weather! I bet it is this awful June Gloom weather! Love the gardening site already bookmarked under gardens! Feel better! Hmmm what better to work on the Stencilry 2 class... Tee hee...

Geez! So sorry my cooties are making their way westward. Take the time you need to recup. Took a look at the Germinatrix, wow.....great stuff. She's bookmarked!

Sounds like you have not been drinking enough of those Tanasi Lodge Cosmos. Hope you are better soon.

Oh JEEZ....feel better chica.

It's Monday noon and I'm thinking that power tools and a Tanasi Lodge Cosmo may NOT mix. That's okay...later....

sorry about your boo boo!

Mary Ann!
What a wonderful surprise - Thank you SO MUCH for the shout out! I am so pleased and honored, and I'm having a blast reading your blog ...

There IS a cold going around! I'm starting to sniffle - is that a good enough reason to whip up that yummy sounding drink? Oh, who needs a reason!

Cheers, dear!

Ivette the Germi

in the red as well
helps with a week of rain
feel better Mary Ann
gorgeous reds here
yummy drink too
will try soon...

xox - eb.

I have a cold too! A very bad one at that. But neither of my sisters have sent me fodder for my blog. Darn! Get well soon!

Thanks for the colors in your post, and for sending us over to Germinatrix - love those hot colors.
Sorry you're feeling crummy, but certainly some of that Tanasi chicken soup is bound to help...

You have my sympathy, I am also getting over a wretched summer cold. As to Susan's suggestion, it works, I stayed home and feel much better. Maybe I'd be cured if I'd had a yummy red drink;)...get lots of rest, be gentle on yourself and take care.

Take it with Nyquil{!} and you've got everything covered. You are going to receive many cold remedies and suggestions; here's mine: Stay Home from Work until you are better. (That pretty red drink might help, too)

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