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Saturday, May 16, 2009


oh i adore mary oliver. such a beautiful pairing with that hibiscus mary ann. i do miss the flowers that grow down your way....thank you for spreading the riches.

oh Mary Ann

what a beautiful post

...close to the skim of honey...


xox - eb.

You gave me a new appreciation of a leaf blower on a Sat. am

How synchronistic...I sat in the back yard this morning enjoying the Sunday symphony of sound...and then you and Ms Oliver put it into words and photos. Indeed an EOR. Thanks.

those hibiscus are over the moon...just love the lush colors. I went to a secret place here in Albuquerque with another student (Paula) and we found a very special play pretty just for you! How fun to connect with a local new friend becasue of your class!! smooches for the MO as well...happy Sunday!

Oh, don't you love her?
This is wonderful.
She knows who's who.

I think I might enjoy falling into that Brown Sugar Hibiscus!

A garden tour AND Mary Oliver?!!!???
I'm happy now.

mm.. and I love bees... thankyou...

Glorious photo. glorious poem. Mary Oliver is my favorite and I hadn't heard that one. Thank you! Love it!

word miner, word finder, you are

This post---another E.O.R. (embarassment of riches)

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