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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Great post Mary Ann - and rock on! You've got a voice and thank god you aren't afraid to use it! It's just so hard to understand why 2 people loving each other and wanting to make a public and legal commitment is such a big deal. With all the other crap we have to deal with, love and marriage should be a celebration - same sex, no sex, opposite sex...love is all we need. Amen. Great post. Keep using your voice! xo fran

Yahoo! It is when things get tough for a same sex relationship that you need these laws...when one get svery ill, passes away or loses their ability to make decisions for themselves... their partner needs that recogntion.

Yay for you for speaking up, and braving this post, as I know how hard it is to write this when all you readers want is a bit of eye candy. Hope you write more when the bee buzzes..

Delighted to see how many other gay readers you have, Mary-Ann, and we can all be encouraged to think back 100 years when women were fighting for the vote - all the same arguments came out against them, but they won in the end and it is now UNTHINKABLE to go back - it will be the same with marriage rights in the end!

Thank you for this post, and what an affirmation reading all the comments. My wife Margot and I have been together for 6 years, domestically partnered for 5 and legally married since last June 30. We are glad the court says we're still married, but are appalled by Prop 8 being upheld and that our state allows the constitution to be changed by a simple majority. And what's the deal with letting the majority decide on basic civil rights for minorities anyway? Thanks again - this post and the comments warmed our hearts.
Erin in Morro Bay

The tide has turned. I knew one day this would be a non-issue. Two years ago I decided it wouldn't be in my lifetime. Here in Washington, the "everythihg but marriage" law has passed. I now have hope that I may actually be able to get married and have it be recognized by not just my state but my country. My son asks why his moms can't marry and I just don't have an answer for him. I'm certain now that one day soon we will indeed be marching down the aisle. Change is coming so fast in so many areas.

GREAT post! I thought this country was about equality for all but apparently I was wrong....it's just for the people who think like certain politicians. Wait....that can't be right 'cause politicians don't think!! Why are we so opposed to people loving one another and yet it's ok to hate? Just doesn't make sense to me.

How did we here in New England become MORE progressive than California? It boggles the mind. I hope this madness is overturned soon. Meanwhile, Connecticut is a beautiful spot for a fall wedding. Tell your friends.

shepard fairy's poster... wow... and a big, HUGE resounding amen!

I've never understood why people have a problem with two people loving each other? NEVER have understood it?????? Don't even get me started on two people who want to raise a family in love and rationality...................

Will you marry me?

What an honorable, wonderful post. I think equal rights for all, should simply be equal rights for all. In the words of the Fab Four " All we need is LOVE". I think and hope that this too shall pass and can't we all just get along?! Peace out:) Thanks MA!

Speak yo' mind sister!

BTW, it will be June 1 soon! Any info on the Stencilry 2 clas???

Right on, sister!!!! Thanks for supporting same sex married love relationships.

Bring on the Bees.

I welcome the honey of your blog day after day.

your sister.

It's not political in my little opinion when it comes down to people's rights and treating people the way we want to be treated. Equal rights for everyone. It's that simple. I wish that others would get that.

Hope more people get bees in their bonnets over this...

I hem and haw about this.... of course I don't hem and haw about what I think is right...

Stop the H8

So the supporters can shout "the people have spoken" all they want.... but I will tell you over and over, "the people are making me sick."

In a country where people fought for the right to speak out, I always shudder when someone says: "...oh, I hate it when people get all political...."
Shudder and fight back the gag reflex.
I love the chosen photos here and applaud you for using your voice.
Not "preachy" at all. Just a sincere person taking a stand.

amen and amen.

Well said Mary Ann! Thus far in our history there has not been a civil rights fight that has not been won and this one will not change that - I'm sure of it - Dadgumit.

Amen, sister!

you are one amazing woman!

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