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Saturday, April 25, 2009


You girls are DAFT! But we wouldn't have it any other way!

you two are too much!

You are so good to share your martini recipes with us. And I love that you're having such pfun!

I actually finished an assignment, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

Back to bed, now!

Boy oh boy you know how to show your sis a good time! Have fun and be safe ladies!

oops! had the sound off. Gotta go watch again AND listen. But it appears to have been a fun weekend at home and out in public.

that giggle at the end is killer!! Have a great visit!
Missy from the bayou
ps the new set of videos are terrific!
(ok,I always go overboard on the exclamation points.....)

You two aren't out tagging are you? If you are, can I come?

You silly girls. You crack me up.

Hi. I like your blog and it's ironic I was living in Echo Park for years and just left this January for a calmer, cheaper Portland, OR... but I'm staying in touch with town through your stories. You might like my friend and I's blog here, www.andwelove.com

Lincoln Heights! My Pop's old home town back in the day! Pop passed away this past Easter Sunday at age 93...I will forever miss his stories of life in L.A. and Lincoln Heights...

what are you doin out and about without the cupcake case? Isn't that what it's for - to take them with you and eat them everywhere, and share one if you see me?

What fun! you goobers!

As long as the martinis keep coming who cares where you are?? She looks like she's having fun!

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