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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love that poem! It was one in either our 3rd or 4th grade English book, a full-page spread with an illustration of the sled, man, and horse. We had to memorize it for class—imagine that, since I lived in Hawaii at the time. Thanks for sharing your winter-surprise photos and have a fun holiday.

Beautiful pictures! My favorite Frost poem! Such an unusual sight for L.A. - global warming???

Stay warm and cozy!

Very nice post. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I enjoy your posts. We, here in Ohio, don't have any measurable snow yet, but it's just a matter of time. I'm glad you got to see some, just in time for Christmas.

Your photos are so beautiful but the first one, the LA sign with snow, stopped me in my tracks. Incredible! We have about seven inches of snow here in Connecticut with more to come. It's not often that we get to share our weather with much of the country. I like to think we're all having a snow holiday together. An early Christmas/Chanukah present!

Thanks for sharing this and one of my favorite Frost poems. Have a lovely weekend!

lovely snowy post from west coast...we are in mild temperatures and a little rain and fog in central virginia.
happy friday!

I hope your garden is ok, and what about the kitties, hows gripper toes in the snow? I love that poem, hers one I was thinking of as the snow approached this morning(hope this fits)
The Woodthrush
fortunate man it is not too late
the woodthrush
flies into my garden

before the snow
he looks at me silent without

his dappled breast reflecting
tragic winter
thoughts my love my own

William Carlos Williams

Thanks for another beautiful post Mary

Southern CA and Las Vegas covered in snow....it looks fresh and beautiful, but, what is going on???

I hope it sticks around for you this weekend so you can PLAY!

OH, one of my favorite Robert Frost poems. I imagine the snow is a special treat for your area (as long as you don't have to drive in it!). We are at this very moment underseige here on the East coast with our first real snowstorm this winter - a couple inches in just an hour. SO glad I work from home!!

That is my favorite poem.

I love this whole thing. all of it. thanks for the mountain photos!! they are breathtaking now.

Funny, but you have more snow there than we do in OHio. My daughter lives in Vegas and they had 4 inches and only one plow in town (or so she says).
Isn't snow magical? I love waking up in the morning to new snow that silently fell during the night.

The whole west coast seems to be in a deep freeze, I know how much you love weather, so you must be thrilled. I hope your plants survive it.

That's the first poem I ever memorized-in the 5th grade. (A time farther away than I like to think about!) I still know it by heart. It was my Dad's favortie poem. I'm enjoying California's version of winter as well. So cozy when it's actual cold outside! Happy Holidays!

As always, you ear and eye (whether you capture the image with your camera or your digital scissors) are more than fine. Thank you.

Beautiful photos and a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

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