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Monday, September 15, 2008


m.a. Did not even hear about this, as all our news coverage has been on Ike. In fact, I have news overload, and have not read a single newspaper line this week.
I am so, so sorry for the families...

It was such awful news...I was on the couch during a day of stomach virus feeling awful-'losing cookies' ect!, but I knew that fellow people were having a worse time than I was... what an awful thing to happen :(

Life seems so solid.

And yet.

"Powerful tribute" -- indeed.

I am so sorry to hear about this. Such a sad loss of life.

such a powerful tribute to this terrible crash . to think it could have been prevented if proper technology had been purchased and implemented long ago
Love * Prayers to everyone who has been affected by this

You know how to honor.
Thank you.
profound sadness.

I was a train commuter to New York City for seven years and my heart goes out to everyone involved in this terrible accident. To have the mundanity of an everyday routine torn apart this way is so shocking. We aren't getting as much coverage in the East. Thank you for this, Mary Ann.

I'm so sorry to see this. I haven't turned on the TV or read Headline News in days - I had no idea this happened.

There is a Buddhist meditation that states in part "I may die today...". It is not meant to be morbid or negative but a reminder to live as positively and mindfully as possible. This, of course, is not meant as consolation but reminder. Events such as this as so much more poignant when they happen so close by. How tender is the response of all. Everywhere around us we have opportunities for great compassion. I can see that this weighs upon you.

Sometimes regular life is just too, too much. It's so arbitrary and unfair. People just going about their business. Huge sigh. But we do carry on...

Very sad news...We're not getting all of the covereage and stories down here (4:52pm; 79 degrees). When I saw the initial crash, I just felt in my heart that there would be very bad news on the way..so sad. And to start to read reports of what the conductor may have been doing just prior to the accident...

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