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Saturday, July 05, 2008






my earth is asking

xox - eb.

I am so sad...I have been out of communication and must see if all is safe now???

Big Sur. My heart aches.

I've been watching about the fires on our news. It's so sad to watch. Those firemen look so tired, they keep trying to put the fires out but can't, how hopeless they must feel. The poor animals must not know what to think. It makes my heart hurt. This is worse than our hurricanes, I think it's easier for water to go down and evaporate than it is to put fire out. I hope it stops soon.

Oh, thank you! for making this post about the fires. It IS heartbreaking! I cannot believe that some of the amazing beauty I saw last Christmas, driving with you to LA, might be destroyed now - and the animals? I can't even go there!! I actually know several Californians whose homes were destroyed in fires in past fire seasons. I worry about friends & relatives who are there now (but hopefully, YOU are safe in East L.A. & don't need to hose down Moss Villa!) I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a home to fire (or flood! Let us not forget Katrina - or its causes!!) I just don't know - I love California & would move there in a second if I could find the right place but this seems almost too high a price to pay for being in paradise! Chicago is famous for its brutal winter weather but we do have lots of central heat and a/c for summers - maybe its better than earthquakes, fires, landslides, tornadoes & broken levees. The firefighters are so brave - I am hoping, with all my might, that they will be safe & successful & that the weather will give them the break they need. XOXO,S.

Every year the western states endure this; New Mexico as much as California. Even though much of it is part of a natural cycle (do fires caused by humans count as part of nature?), the scale of the devastation seems overwhelming; it reminds us how tiny we really are. New Mexico has already had numerous fires this spring. There have been no human casualties reported - no word on non-human losses though.
The mosaic is a beautiful and meaningful tribute and reminder

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