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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I join the chorus of fans begging for a book of just Mary Ann's art. I know who to contact. It would be awesome - as good as Dan Eldon's. xo

Very cool stuff! :)

Nope I didn't get one. But it reminds me of a similar chipboard book you made me a couple of years ago. Tape for the spine and loose things inside. These on your blog are so cool just like this. I am sure now that I think about it, it was your sister who took them. They are hiding behind her new potted plant on the patio, purchased by Pres. Bush. (Hey say that sentence 5 times fast..potted, patio purchased president).

Can't wait to get my hands on this book....ALL the best visual journalers OUT there...you rock!

ok Mary Ann - let's not discuss numbers - that will lead us into permanent forgetfulness - I too will pre-order that up-and-coming Moss Cottage book and as for the red duct tape - I have it ( hee hee !?!) - now you'll have to come and get it... one of the animal posse here spied it hidden in the gypsy tent next to the smoked salmon and cream cheese and the capers they were having - oh my...

xox - eb.

congrats m.a.! i look forward to seeing the book. *raises hand* i have one of those stencil portfolios - the pony express sent one my way last year. it was a spraying bonanza back then....wait...still is.

I second everybody's thoughts about a book of your own. I'd join the line to buy it! The look of these pages and the portfolio is spot on. Great color palette too!

I just ordered a copy...thanks for the recommendation. I loved San Miguel Allende...just the colors of the doors and walls were mind-popping. I felt like I'd been living in a gray-scale world and someone turned the lights on.

These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them. I haven't gotten my book yet. Sigh.

The cat posse stole it! They are holding it for ransom until you buy them some fresh fish!!!! karen b...

very VERY cool, mary ann!

I have always thought you should publish your very own book with your very own writing and your very own art. And since you already have 2 buyers--me and Sandy--it's practically risk-free! Before we know it, you'd be living on the book tour trail with no time for this blog and new art. Next you'd become rich and famous with an uppity Cat Posse, abandon your wild ponies, the Moss Cottage, and we common folk. On second thought, skip the book and stick with us; who needs to be rich and famous with an uppity cat posse? PS: I have a sister friend here in Topeka who knows your sister sister; she says your SS is a wonderful photographer. Must run in the family.

MA- Congrats!!! The journal looks amazing!

Well, I would think the subject of the red duct tape missing should be directed towards Wyatt. He seems the type to be involved with some late night duct tape tomfoolery.

I promise I don't have the red duct tape! I love those journals, they are great. I'm waiting on my True Vision's book to get here. I'm not very patient about it either. I keep hearing so much about it. And don't worry about forgetting last year, my 36 yr. old brain can't remember yesterday sometimes so you're doing really good with remembering up to last year. :D Thank so much for sharing more of your work. I think you do a great job on all of your journals. Have you ever published a book on your own? Just looking at everything in your blog I beileve you could do it and I know I'd buy it. :D

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