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Monday, May 05, 2008


oh put me - insert me - toss me in this color box!

he is a Magician Mary Ann...

a Wizard - he knows the secret names of the colors...

the drink was delicious

and thank you for the compress

xox - eb.

Your pictures are gorgeous and make me want to go there-I have been to the usual cities but never the coast-WOW! Love your journal. Thanks!


Amazing! I feel like I was there too... THANK YOU!


Delicious! for every sense!

I am there. I smell the smells. I see the expanse of water and sky. I'm absorbing every molecule of joy and color. Pass me my Sirenuse, please, life is sweet and a friend like you who is showing me all around is the best part of the sweetness.

you are actually killing me slowly with pictures.

good heavens! even the cats are elegant there! and that white against the blue!! aiyeeee!

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