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Thursday, May 01, 2008


oh dear me - deep deep deep sigh - I am pulling up the armchair to stay awhile and soak up your visuals and tales...

at last


xox - eb.

welcome home, welcome home!! i've got much catching up to do here, i've skimmed the surface - it luscious cream - jeeze what a rich experience you've given us here through your words and photos, will be back and back, again.... 'xo

Thoroughly enjoyed your posts about your trip and loved your journal-what a wonderful keepsake to remember what you think you'll never forget! I don't think you ever look at life the same way after a trip to Italy-It's magic! Thanks for taking us along!

yes we are prepared!!! welcome back!!

Whew...All of this pacing and looking at my watch had me a tidge grumpy.
I ate pasta and drank wine in your honor. Too cold for gelato, but there's always tomorrow.
I'll be waiting for the next installments as I drive to and from Longmont, Boulder and Denver, wishing that it was Naples, Rome and Amalfi.

Ciao for now, Bella....

Lisa H.

She's BACK!!! whoo hoo ... I cannot WAIT to hear, well, everything, anything ...

meanwhile, have been working on an altered book with some Rome spreads, inspired a poem -- I lost your email address so here's the link, at your leisure and after you catch up on some ZZZZZZZZ's ...


mind "the world's longest trip report"? Are you nuts! That's what we've been waiting for! (sprinkled with journal snaps & wish making photos) . Grateful you are back in the ether

Welcome home! I "discovered" your blog while you were on your trip....your talent with words and photography have made me an immediate FAN! I look forward to the unveiling of your Journal as if I were seven--and it's almost Christmas!

Great sighs of happiness. Your photos give me wide smiles. Welcome home. I can hardly wait for the rundown. ((((((HUGE HUG)))))))

I'm so excited that I get to take this trip to Italy(vicariously through you)! Much cheaper this way, don't you know. And what a tour guide you are! Suppose you'll expect a good tip....

It's about time you got home! We have been talking among ourselves for so long we are getting on each others nerves. You are the bravest person I know! I am terrified of Los Angeles traffic, no wonder I don't go anywhere.

Welcome home! Thank you for sharing the first chapters of your globe-trotting adventure and allowing some of us to experience vicariously all the wonders of Italia. This armchair traveler eagerly anticipates future installments!


Welcome home! We, your loyal fans, await all details. Please tell (and show) ALL!

Can't wait to hear more. Love the breakfast room self portrait!!!

Hooray! Welcome back- I can't wait to see your journal...but what you've mentioned so far sounds spectacular!!

Welcome back. I'm more than ready for the travel journal. Sooooo missed you.

Oh, the floor in that hotel!! The ceiling!! So cool!
The meal in Chapter 5 sounds absolutely sensual!
I'm just so exclamatory over this!!

Welcome home - it's been rather dull without you around.

Can't wait to see how this story ends!!! Glad you are home- I am sure the posse is glad you home too.

Welcome home! How did you like the very narrow road out to Amalfi?! Can't wait to hear more stories. This was one of my favorite places to visit.

We're ready!! We're ready!! Bring it on! I'm feelin' the blue!
And "Ben ritornate!!" S

You're back!! :-)

Love the mosaic of photos called The Road! The food, the frescoes, the water...I'm thankful that Sister could drive for you. I am anxiously awaiting your journal updates.

Welcome back, M.A., we missed you.

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