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Thursday, May 08, 2008


The first 2 photos in this post are stunning!

I love your journals, such gorgeous little works of art! In fact, you've inspired me to continue with my art to A-level. I realise its a little irrelevant to this particular post but I was unsure where else to put this; would would you class as your journal essential with a budget of a little over £30 pounds (around $75)? I want to get started on my own interpretations!
Many thanks,


so beautiful.
i love that fog.
love, love, love.
no artfest for me either for the next 3 years, so i can go to italy one day.

I'm going to sit down on that bench

with you for awhile

breathing in the green

absorbing the moist fog

have I died and gone to heaven?

just wondering...

I will wander here for eternity

xox - eb.

I could weep, these photos are so lovely!


That last (fantastic!) photo say it all---that's the very feeling I travel for! Taking it all in, relaxing, being somewhere bewitching and taking it all in! I'm enjoying this trip with you more than I can say!

stunning-thanks for letting us live vicariously through your pictures & words...

Loving your blog! Wonderful trip, gorgeous photos...delightful! Italy is so attractive!

Susan, no tripod - Mostly automatic settings for all the photos. A few done in NATURAL LIGHT setting. Moon photo done by slowing down the shutter speed via the NIGHT setting.

Again with the camera eye! wowie! Thank you for inviting us all into your world.

Were you using the camera's autmatic settings most of the time or doing some fiddling around. And what did you do to capture the moon so? Is there a tripod involved, what kind of settings?

Your trip! I'm lurking there with you.

Julie - This is the beauty of European travel in mid-spring. You take a chance on some showers, but avoid the throngs of summer tourists. Most of the travelers we saw in the Amalfi Coast at this time were other Italians/Europeans. Nothing against Americans, but I'd prefer not to see (or hear) them when I travel. On the walking paths from village to village we encountered hardly anyone. Perfect!

The air in my room seems fresher and clearer as I look at your photographs. So real that I feel I am here too. I breathe in the bliss and feel ready for a new day. Thank you dear heart.

I still can't believe it...where are all the people? Come on....you bribed them all to hide away out of each shot, right? ;)

Oooops! Sorry for copying your word, Carol...must have been a subconscious slip....I'll say" I'm speechless"and shut up!

Breath-takingly beautiful! You capture it so well with your camera and your words.... amazing.

Another post of breathtakingly beautiful photos creating a strong urge for an Italian trip. Or at the very least-pasta and wine for dinner tonight. Thankyou!

You have got to be kidding. Those photos are from a dream, aren't they?

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