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Friday, May 09, 2008


This place is so beautiful...it almost seems to be something that one might conjure up in a dream!

very observant photo of the tiles spilling out onto the threshhold in No. 5. i love seeing this country through your eyes.

Back to soak in more of this trip...do you realize how incredible your beautiful journals are going to be in years and years to come when you and your sister sit down and re-read them....of course you do...and hopefully this whole internet blog thing will still be around so we ALL can come back and reminisce...


April 23, 2:36pm...

xox - eb.

I've been eyeing all your wonderful photos and reminiscing about my travels there. I loved this place. Thank you for sharing this journey.

Okay I would never be able to pay attention in that church....I would totally be focused on those floors!!

OMG, I hope this trip never ends. It's just delightful and your journals are scrumptious. Thanks for taking me along!

Your are the QUEEN of beautiful journals. I love your writing, the sewn in pictures, the tabs, the variety of lettering, the painting and frickin' Italy for gosh sake - could anything be more mouth watering. I wait with bated breath for the next installment. (more! more!)

Every 40 steps or so I stopped for a nice rest. With resting all things are possible. Yawn. Speaking of which, it's time for my mid-morning nap.

I love reading your posts, and your journal should be published with all those great photos, what a magical trip you had with your sister. How about the trip up the stairs.

"Lemony air"....sigh. I really do feel like I need my passport with me to read your blog entries. I'm so enjoying my mini Italian vacation, thanks to you, your wonderful writng and fabulous photographs! I don't envy you the 300 steps back up, though. I can go down but I HATE going up.

so, what about the trip back up? Did you put yourself through more specific physical training to prepare for all of this walking, hiking and exertion? Enthusiasm will take you far, but what about that trip back up those stairs?

I was just wondering how you printed pix when you were there, and then I saw Chrissy's question. How DID you do that? Or did you wait to do some of it after you'd returned home. I know that you prepared the journal pages and assembled it before leaving. You may have already told us, but my old memory often forgets to remember things. I'm loving your trip. More, more!

What rich memories you will have! I love, love, love your journal! Was the man really fertile or the soil??? tee hee!! have a great weekend! karen b...

You are so generous, to share all this magic with everyone! I'm refreshing my link several times a day, just to be sure I get the updates as soon as they are posted. Next time I will volunteer to be your baggage porter.

Fabulous photos, wonderful journal, a privilege to share your journey.

One day, will you tell how you managed to sew your photos into those pages while you're away? And how you're able to make these finished journal pages in situ?

I'm imagining you with trunks of equipment, like leisured American ladies of the late 19th century, travelling Europe!

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