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Sunday, May 04, 2008


oh the pink walls and your poetry of green and blooming things - I am in love - such exquisiteness - such living and breathing glory and joyfulness

cold compress please...

xox - eb.

HOly moly-what fun and what great pics

so beautiful- I want to touch that journal.

Awesome. Nothing short of ahhhhhh-some!

wow... this is all so delightful...

: )

Oh, the beauty, the *shiver* gray rain, the pink walls. Loving every shred of evidence. xo

More! MOre! I love it!!! karen b....
Come see my blog, I finally got it up! recycledrita.blogspot.com

up from the floor..one hand up on the surface of my desk, then the next. Now, hoist back up into the chair. Okay. Deep breath?...good.
You forgot to tell us that we need a manual to prepare us for the beauty and stunning exquisiteness of your "story". I'm off to the hardware store to buy supplies for a seatbelt on the office chair.

Again, thanks for taking us along. Man, the tickets must have cost you a fortune!

Lisa H.

I find myself cheering you for taking this adventure and chronicling it so meaningfully. A forever treasure

I'm loving your photos and journaling. I feel like I'm on the trip with you. It's beautiful. Thanks for having me....

Enjoying April 17th & 18th with you... thanks for having me along! Let's continue on the journey after we rest a bit, shall we?

OK..what is it? People who know me know that I don't read..never. I usually only cruise pictures. But this! I am hanging on every word..thank you thank you, MA!! I'll never get to go on a trip like this..but you're making me feel like I am already there! Three cheers for MA!!

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