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Friday, May 02, 2008


OMG, Mary Ann...you've had the trip I've dreamt of taking for years (and probably never will). What a treat to savor a mini-expedition with my Saturday morning caffe! If you and Sister ever opt to return with likeminded traveling companions in tow, call ME. I SO get your travel philosophy. Glad to see you're to be published in some upcoming books. Congrats! TFS!

This is already one amazing journal!!

m.a. - just catching up on your voyage. i spent a chunk of my afternoon looking over the days worth of posts that recount a trip of a lifetime! swoooooon! so happy for you and sister....and that we got to come along. the journal rocks too.

I am staying here forever - your tales and pics are treasures - oh oh oh Mary Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

hope you had a great trip. sure seems like it from the journal. great pictures. feel like i am there. so wish i was there!LOL

Wow. Thank you so much for taking us along on this amazing journey. I feel like I can almost taste the fog, smell the geraniums, feel my legs aching from all the stairs..........

What a treat this morning when I came by to "visit!" Your trip looks wonderful and makes me want to go to Italy!!! Can't wait to see more of your pictures!

That's IT!
Traveling for the sake of LIVING there.

I love the handwriting in your journals. Mine looks like 7th grade...no, wait....5th grade loopy, crap where you expect to see a heart over the small letter "I's"....shudder.

More Please.
(sitting with arms crossed waiting patiently).

Lisa H.

How wonderful to bring my cup of coffee to my computer and to be whisked away to Italy where I can climb and descend staircases with breathtaking views without a single twinge of the calf muscles. Thank you for taking all of us with you. Every photograph is filled with deliciousness.

On the day of my island travel, this journalism of yours is so inspiring! And your pictures of the little village reminded me, for some reason, of John Fowles's The Magus. Thanks for showing those beyootiful journal pages.

Your travel journal is lovely. I'm so glad you are sharing it with us. I love the idea of a 3 ring binder for a journal. LOVE it! I'm constantly wishing I could move pages around in my journals because I'm forever skipping pages, for some weird reason. This would be perfect for me!!

Such gorgeousness! I can't wait to read and see the rest. The journal is just amazing!

Beautiful! Love how your travel journal looks...how you are putting it together...and Jamie (comment above) already beat me as a reader quoting their favorite line from the post. I agree. ( I haven't done Sat. at 5:00 AM since the kids left Toddlerhood). More, please.

Awesome. I think what I like most about these pictures is their sense of calm...quiet..I love how the streets are not crowded and there are few people around. How is this possible? I need to get the hell out of here...

Do they make rings THAT big??? You are heading toward a furniture sized journal now - what a treasure!

Oh yeah, (and there's more!) I love the way you cut out the picture perfect postcard photo and put it back into frame. That says a lot.

"I do not travel to see monuments or museums or to shop. I came here to see THIS. To be HERE on this path walking from one village to the next. Breathless, wonderous, alive."

There it is, another one of the many reasons why I feel such a strong connection to you. I get it - I totally get it.

Your journal looks great. I never could figure out how to add photos to my travel journals. The rings to add photos once you are home is the answer. You're a smart cookie.

Mmmmm, that tiled basilica. I just want to reach out (into the photo) and feel the warm sun and the texture of the tiles. Beautiful. And another thing while I'm gushing, I love how you put the time on the photo. It gives me something else to dream about...like, you had probably already eaten lunch, or people in their homes were doing their afternoon chores. Women hanging out rugs, maybe old men taking afternoon naps...I don't know...it's just a cool touch. I like.

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