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Saturday, May 10, 2008


thank you for taking us all along!!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us . Your photos are amazing and your journaling par none

Wow, thank you. I'm working to keep my mind off of a fire that may or may not reach us, and your travel journal is so much more than just what I needed. Wonderful, wonderful. And thank you for sharing it all with us. Your insight and point of view is as spectacular as the subjects you capture in photos and words.

This looks like such a magical place...and your journal seems to be equally magical as well!

Breathtaking, All of it. The photos. The words. The stairs. The sea.
I have made my husband, my son and my daughter-in-law look at every picture with me. It has to be shared. You, dear Mary Ann, are the queen of everything.

That looked like the most amazing trip ever. the journal pages let me wanting more...an now I think i need to visit Italy-Thank you so much for sharing

I just hopped over and I am glad I did! Thank you for "bringing us along" on your travels. I'm in awe.

Repeating the others when I cry "No, you are not taxing us at all, we would love even more posts transporting us to those shores, stairs and skies" You bring out the best in your readers.
Thank you again for your generous spirit, your words, your pictures and your vision.


Wow, that was wonderful. I love your journal and your photos. So beautiful.

I have really enjoyed your travelogue and journaling. Thanks for sharing!

Indulging you? Oh no no no no. Rather you are indulging us.....

Sharing your lovely time..............

Have you considered formal publication? I would buy one. Two. Three. What better gift, in the darkest time of the year, for those facing a flowerless cold and monochromatic season?

I have to tell you that I am so thoroughly enjoying your journey. I think you have been to heaven on earth!!! Your journal is absolutely stunning too!

This is beautiful! I was trying to plan a trip to Italy this summer, then decided to wait. I have to get it planned tho - maybe next summer - I wasn't sure where to go before....now I have a much better idea. Will continue to be in touch.

Yes, I should hope that you DO apologize for knocking our socks off, every damn post.
I now have NO socks.

I will go head to head with Stephen, competing for the Baggage Porter spot on the next trip.

Once again, M.A.,...
Post Perfection.

Lisa H.

I don't want it to end.

Happy Mother's day to the Mom of the Cat Posse!

lemony blue...

lemony blue...

lemony blue...


lemony blue...

xox - eb.

I have loved experiencing this trip through your eyes and descriptions. The Amalfi Coast is on my dream board and I wake up to look at it every morning - your travelogue has been a joy to me. You are a wonderful wordsmith. Thanks for sharing. I wonder - do you add your photos upon your return home or do you get them printed while you are traveling? I am thinking you write while on the road and then add images, embellishments and photos later - correct?

thank you, mary ann...

god M.A. it is so beautiful - what's wrong with you? You came back? We need to get together soon. I still need to touch that book in person and visit the posse. My coyote says "hi" and dance shoes should happen tomorrow.

Dont stop I'm living this vacation vicariously through you! karen...

I don't know...it doesn't look like you had much fun...

OH MAN...I don't have enough adjectives to describe how I feel looking over your shoulder on this fantastic trip. I have been reading and looking for some time now, will have to come back and soak in some more of this luscious-ness.


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