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Monday, April 14, 2008


Thinking of you eating pasta and smiling.

omg IM SO JEALOUS!!! Hope you had wonderful weather and a wonderful time..i cant wait to see pics when you get back....ps LOVE your blog

I'm very lonely.

Have fun on your obviously endless trip.


Hope you are having fun. Check out what happened at YOUR HOUSE while you were gone! OY!!!! (dead animal alert)...but NOT one of your cats!!!!!!!



As we say around here:
"I'm a Jealous Wreck"....for REAL.
Soak it up, soak it in...
report back and stay in CLOSE RADIO CONTACT.
Via Con Dios....

Lisa Hoffman

So glad to see that you are taking Crossing to Safety along with you! Wonderful companionship if there ever was. Be sure to read Angle of Repose if you've not already! And fun travels.

Italy is so beautiful!! YOu will have the best of times!

oh!!! have a wonderful time, enjoy every minute of your trip....can't wait to see your pix when you get back!!! who knows, you might decide to stay in italy and teach english!! how fabulous is that!!!

I could not envy you more. Have a fantastic trip!

Have a grand time!!!

Can't wait to see all of your photos and journal pages.

How very exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy. Have you been there before?

Bon voyage and Godspeed. Can't wait to hear ("see"!) all about your trip! Have an esspresso for me!


Have a wonderful trip, Mary Ann! I look forward to reading your stories, seeing your photos and whatever other treats you share with us on your return.

We will be talking about YOU! and anxiously awaiting photo's and journal extravaganza!

safe travels...

I cant wait to see your pics when you get back!!!
I'm glad you didn't say talk to yourselves...that would be scary!!! karen

Bon voyage! I love traveling vicariously with you. Mexico was great. I'm looking forward to reading about and looking at Italy through your eyes.

Cool, you lucky girl! Have Great fun!
Sandra Evertson

You are reading Wallace Stegner!?! What kind of RENAISSANCE WOMAN are you?!?

I can't wait to see your journal. I also can't wait to see your pictures. You take good pictures. I would say I can't wait to see which underpants you took, but then people would assume things that are true, so I won't.

(I hope you took the ones with the red-orange swirls and miniature TV's on them.)

I'LL BE IN MAUI WHEN YOU GET BACK, so adjust your account to 'unlimited free'.

TTFN, Pookie!

My wish for you is that this trip is all you hoped it would be - and more. Much more. We'll be here waiting to share your travels when you return.

Have a splendid time!


Have a wonderful trip! I just found your blog through Stephanie Lee and am going to go back and enjoy while you are gone ;) Bon Voyage - Gina

I haven't been THERE, but I've been to Italy twice ... you will possibly find yourself so transported that art becomes ... impossible! My reaction was to be so overcome that all I could do was shoot pictures -- even my written journal was silenced. I wish you an equally spectacular journey, dear woman!!!

Lucky lucky lucky...you have have a most fantastic and wonderful time! Can you fit me in your suitcase?

Have a wonderful time! This is a beautiful place, been there. I will return one day.

Safe journey!

Sister, Bon Voyage! Having been to Italy, there is one thing to remember.....COCONUT GELATO!
Be safe, and don't drive to close to the edge!

Love, Brotha

can't wait to read about your trip and see the pictures~

All my prayers and tailwinds and good wishes go with you. Do you have binoculars to check out the butts on the Italian policemen? Verrrrry important. Have a wonderful time. MMMMMwwwwwwahhhhh!!!!!!


have a wonderful time!!! can't wait to read about your adventures.

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