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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well done on being featured in Artful Blogging!I'm part of the Uk 2%, but I prefer to think oif myself as Scottish. LOl about the post with MM and the thongs......

dang Mary Ann...

my heart is on my steeve - sleeve - oops...

chuckled and left it right there...

you are on my mind - love the faux bois...

oh my - so tough keeping pace with seat #45...

seat #53 - but really supposed to be in seat #22...

xox - eb.

I love the woodpaneled look. I was getting that song "tell me something good" tell me how you like it or whatever it is stuck in my head while reading about your hardware store epiphanym, along with some other 70s songs. :)

Hi! I've been reading this journal for a few months and I really love it. I go to art school in Georgia. Although I did more stenciling and collages before I started school ( ahh irony ) I do a lot of the same type work that you do. Anyway! I want to set up a blog with my work but I can't really afford it. Maybe someday. Thanks! -Helen

Happy Belated...

This morning my son Wes (12) asked what the best years of life were. I said it depended, I guess. But for me, it's 44!

and when did you sneek that super cool banner by me??

Yep - I am one of those who look but dont't comment - but I enjoy your blog - a breath of fresh energy every time I read. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Mary Ann, I'm on the cusp hovering between the fifties and sixties, all I can say is they get ever closer. Love the journal pages, I'm sure I have some of that paper somewhere.

I am moving up to seat #58 on Cinco de Mayo this year...I remember seat #45 quite well :)
Feliz Cumpleaños! Better late than never!

Your blog posts are mini-vacations for me ... keep on truckin' ;-)


o.k. too much goodness in one post! First- James E. Jones voice comes to you?!?!? Oh you lucky girl. 2Nd. the wood grain is amazing, you might have to quit work just to make enough stuff with that. 3rd. do you feed that cat in the tree or does she actually come down?? I think you just feed her up there.
4th I guess Happy Birthday is due "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" You are gonna love 30, it rocks- and so do you!!!

This just in from Gullible Info [one of the gadgets on my Google home page ] http://www.gullible.info/ "In Moss, Montana, it is illegal to be seen in public with shoes on your hands."
Well, of course! It had to be shared with you.

Wow! Faux Bois! (Try saying that three times real fast!) fauxboisfauxboisfauxbois. Try typing it, for that matter! Love your juicy woodsy pages! I am really ready to dive into the stencil thing - it's time! But I would love to learn your technique! Looked thru old posts but couldn't find any hints... Please share!

#1 Pesto chorizo frittata? get outa town! it's going on the list right this second for the next time I visit.
#2 You better stretch out a circus performer safety net under the missus. that position does not look safe.
#3 Send me one of those big giant circus letters so I can put it on my forehead when I go to work tomorrow.

Sneaking quick peek while i am still at school. Babies are outside at recess. Cool tool the faux bois. You are the leaderess, inspiratress, and inventress. Cooless (that looks like cool-less which NOT you)

A long time lurker here finally checking in from Seattle. Love your site - thanks for sharing with us all and a Happy Happy Birthday to you. I'm looking at 44 in a couple of months and it's nice to know I'm in such good company. :)

I check in from Idaho once a week or so. Love your journals and your stories.

Love your blog...(and btw, happy birthday!)
I've been drooling over your stencils for some time now, where do you get them?
I keep searching your blog to find out, but I can't seem to find an answer.

And from Sweden too! :-)

India - that's me! I love your art and your writing. Don't comment much, but yes, I'm here :)

I'm back here waving at you from seat #68. There's a great view from here too.

I just finished a book by Chalmers Johnson about a "new girl in town" named Nemesis. I think I like your new girl better...*S* She sounds much safer.

Oh...I'm posting from Chicago.

The view is lovely at 45. I reached that destination myself on December 13th. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mary Ann! And our extreme thanks to Mama and Papa Moss and the powers that be for blessing this world with the wonderful gift to us that is YOU! Your art, both visual and verbal, touches and inspires, stirring the muse within, causing me also to explore my surroundings and myself and create. Blessings to you in year 45 and beyond!


Your Missus looks like Zoe after I blow-dry her! But then Zoe spends 22 hours licking down all her poofy finery. Pfft. Meanwhile, does 'your girl' Randi have a blog? Cuz that art is amazing!

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