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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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Hysterical "me" photo. haha...The verdict is in! We the jury find the underpainting very interesting...I really like it!

Ah, you're not the only one standing on her balcony clapping over the rain!! I am ecstatic!!!

The green Mary Ann has a soupcon of Maira Kalman in my humble opinion; just enough to make it a magnum opus. The jury ADORES the underpainting. And p.s. enjoy the rain. We've had 2 days of sunshine and I'm deliriously happy.

yes - green becomes you and I adore Maira Kalman - my cat Byz entertained herself all day with a left over Christmas ribbon all the while sitting on a calendar next to the wood stove - I'm not sure about checkers - Wyatt does look gloomy...

xox - eb.

Such clouds! Such grand colors! I applaud rain, also! I tuck Zoe into my sweatshirt and we go stand under the eave on the back patio. One drop on her nose and she burrows into the sweatshirt and yowls. I think that means she likes it, right?

I'm just starting the stencil-cutting bidness, Mujer! So I've elected to pretend (for now) that your underpainting experiments are hanging in a gallery and I'm a rapt gallery gazer with no notions (ha!) of attempting such glorious heights!

Hey do you go thru those security envelopes pretty quick? Cuz I'm still saving 'em -- should I just mail them out on Wednesdays or something like that?

I am crazy about the page with the bird!! Your stenciling around the "sun" makes the whole thing look like it had been folded, like a fan.
Gorgeous. Also the clouds, and I already said I love the underpainting.

Really love the underpainting...wonderful!!

Hey and sneak peaking at AB and loving it!

p.s. How the *&!!&## are these amazing paper cut works done!!!!

Those classic films - Jane Austen ones especially - make me really proud to be English! I'm going to have to buy myself some DVDs now I work in France.
Wyatt Earp looks like a cat who has great thoughts but a little difficulty in dealing with them.

Beautiful pages! I too, love the drama of good weather and movies.

Clapping for the cool and drizzle here as well. No cat posse but a 2 dog pack who are not so crazy about going out for business. The underpainting is wildly impressive to me. But I love your style and am constantly amazed when I visit here. Those paper cuts you linked us to are boggling. I wonder how long each one takes.

I LOVE Jane Austen films and am enjoying the series as well.

Take a look at my blog. There is something there for you.

Californians worried about a little rain? Tell them Ms Moss that you have the right idea. Weather is dramatic and wonderful and a chance to cozy in.
Love your stencil pages and the photos and the lacy paper cut-outs are amazing. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

You have a cat named Wyatt Earp??? You are truly one of the coolest people, ever. Send some rain our way, do you mind? Thanks.

you are so inspiring !!!
your art amazes me and that cat photo just now....sooooo great !!!

fantastic photographs! Your journal work is georgous!!! I love it!

oh my~now that is some heavy duty cutting! just gaugous!
we have had rain & COLD for a few too many days now in texas~and don't get me wrong~I LOVE RAIN~but it is enough already. walking in each morning from the bus stop trying to hold onto my briefcase, fancy smansy LV purse *LOL* and lunch kit...all the while trying not to fly off like Mary Poppins because of the wind tunnels blowing thru the buildings of DT houston***is way too much for this country gal!!!
did i tell you * I LOVE RAIN =)

(leaky roof at the new headquarters)....
cold and wet!

That picture of Wyatt Earp just puts me in the dirt.

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