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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


That picture of Wyatt Earp just puts me in the dirt.

(leaky roof at the new headquarters)....
cold and wet!

oh my~now that is some heavy duty cutting! just gaugous!
we have had rain & COLD for a few too many days now in texas~and don't get me wrong~I LOVE RAIN~but it is enough already. walking in each morning from the bus stop trying to hold onto my briefcase, fancy smansy LV purse *LOL* and lunch kit...all the while trying not to fly off like Mary Poppins because of the wind tunnels blowing thru the buildings of DT houston***is way too much for this country gal!!!
did i tell you * I LOVE RAIN =)

fantastic photographs! Your journal work is georgous!!! I love it!

you are so inspiring !!!
your art amazes me and that cat photo just now....sooooo great !!!

You have a cat named Wyatt Earp??? You are truly one of the coolest people, ever. Send some rain our way, do you mind? Thanks.

Californians worried about a little rain? Tell them Ms Moss that you have the right idea. Weather is dramatic and wonderful and a chance to cozy in.
Love your stencil pages and the photos and the lacy paper cut-outs are amazing. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Take a look at my blog. There is something there for you.

I LOVE Jane Austen films and am enjoying the series as well.

Clapping for the cool and drizzle here as well. No cat posse but a 2 dog pack who are not so crazy about going out for business. The underpainting is wildly impressive to me. But I love your style and am constantly amazed when I visit here. Those paper cuts you linked us to are boggling. I wonder how long each one takes.

Beautiful pages! I too, love the drama of good weather and movies.

Those classic films - Jane Austen ones especially - make me really proud to be English! I'm going to have to buy myself some DVDs now I work in France.
Wyatt Earp looks like a cat who has great thoughts but a little difficulty in dealing with them.

Really love the underpainting...wonderful!!

Hey and sneak peaking at AB and loving it!

p.s. How the *&!!&## are these amazing paper cut works done!!!!

I am crazy about the page with the bird!! Your stenciling around the "sun" makes the whole thing look like it had been folded, like a fan.
Gorgeous. Also the clouds, and I already said I love the underpainting.

Such clouds! Such grand colors! I applaud rain, also! I tuck Zoe into my sweatshirt and we go stand under the eave on the back patio. One drop on her nose and she burrows into the sweatshirt and yowls. I think that means she likes it, right?

I'm just starting the stencil-cutting bidness, Mujer! So I've elected to pretend (for now) that your underpainting experiments are hanging in a gallery and I'm a rapt gallery gazer with no notions (ha!) of attempting such glorious heights!

Hey do you go thru those security envelopes pretty quick? Cuz I'm still saving 'em -- should I just mail them out on Wednesdays or something like that?

yes - green becomes you and I adore Maira Kalman - my cat Byz entertained herself all day with a left over Christmas ribbon all the while sitting on a calendar next to the wood stove - I'm not sure about checkers - Wyatt does look gloomy...

xox - eb.

The green Mary Ann has a soupcon of Maira Kalman in my humble opinion; just enough to make it a magnum opus. The jury ADORES the underpainting. And p.s. enjoy the rain. We've had 2 days of sunshine and I'm deliriously happy.

Ah, you're not the only one standing on her balcony clapping over the rain!! I am ecstatic!!!

Hysterical "me" photo. haha...The verdict is in! We the jury find the underpainting very interesting...I really like it!

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