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Sunday, January 20, 2008


I can't tell you how much I LOVE the painted stencils, Mary Ann. You have the absolute coolest journals of any I have ever seen.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you! :-)

the underpainting is so hip m.a. i really love the colors.
i have been hibernating as well, as this little cold spell in Texas has got me smitten~

...if a song could be president...
...thanks for the turn on.........
...but the biggest turn on...YOUR ART!

MM is so loved and cherished. What a wonderful mother to have raised her girlies to treasure her so much.

I was scurrying around on Sunday, earnestly avoiding lesson planning and then at 4 Pm I had the realization - no school tomorrow! It's like finding money in a coat pocket. So of course i put it off until today and slow roasted the root vegetables I received in my CSA box today: beets, carrots, Japanese sweet potatoes (new to me), onions and garlic. Yahoo! That bird in the rays piece is outstanding. Is that a single stencil or several images together. It looks large - for your journal or a stand alone piece. What are the dimensions?

Mom Moss is funny!
I am being a bear too- I just want to be wrapped up in my blankie and that is just not o.k. with my boss!!! They say it looks "unprofessional" whatever.
Thanks again for the visual beauties!

wow...I love this portrait and the mood it evokes and the color combo with a hint of yellow and red. Fantastic! Is that the postman I see in a stencil. Aye carumba! If you us #11 precision exactos blades I can send you plenty. and Mom what a sport with that thong and where did you find your plastic wolf mask? I've been looking for these plastic molded snap on wigs we used to have as a kids. That was a LONG time ago.

Awe inspiring
just some of the things that went through my head...had to prop my jaw back up when I saw these pages!

Another OTR fan! I love them... my favorite for years now. Yay!

Yes to the underpainted stencil. Love the paint quality; goes perfectly with the look of the stencil. I too go by the theory that nothing feels more satisfying than to save a 'hopeless' painting. As for eating while _________, yes, I can pretty much eat and do any 2nd activity. Practice, baby!

You are on to something my dear! I've been playing with coloring under transparencies and drawing on top. Now I must just take the plunge and cut out those images.

I LOVE this new work!!

Yay Free People!!


Oh blimey & splutter -- now that I'm looking at some of your stencils in the making, I'm skeered. The pom pom flip-flops, now -- much more inviting (ha!) I love the picture that shows your work area, though -- other people's studios/creative spaces fascinate me!

Since you're digging Over the Rhine, you might want to try (in this order):
Neko Case
Dean & Britta

the self portrait is GORGEOUS!! you're about to see that technique explode all over the web now. just watch. (i mean the way that you have done it here - by hand, with brushstrokes, not with spray - because we've all seen that) and you'll know you did it first. ;)

thanks for the link to the stencil film. i've been doing it the expensive way. one sheet at a time from the craft store.

and your mom cracked my husband and i both up with her thong. we agree that she would be one firecracker of a lady to know.




2 more yeses and

those red poms look like bear berries to me

xox - eb.

I love the underpainting! The colors are great, I am sure that you will come to love it as well!

I must have those flip-flops with the pom-poms, and I don't even wear flip-flops!!

have a fun day tomorrow, and make lots more pages to share;))

Those flip flops are awesome!!! I love the pom poms!I also like the steps you added to your stencil up top...it's interesting to me! I vote for more of this. Have a good Monday!

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