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Sunday, January 20, 2008


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Those flip flops are awesome!!! I love the pom poms!I also like the steps you added to your stencil up top...it's interesting to me! I vote for more of this. Have a good Monday!

I love the underpainting! The colors are great, I am sure that you will come to love it as well!

I must have those flip-flops with the pom-poms, and I don't even wear flip-flops!!

have a fun day tomorrow, and make lots more pages to share;))




2 more yeses and

those red poms look like bear berries to me

xox - eb.

the self portrait is GORGEOUS!! you're about to see that technique explode all over the web now. just watch. (i mean the way that you have done it here - by hand, with brushstrokes, not with spray - because we've all seen that) and you'll know you did it first. ;)

thanks for the link to the stencil film. i've been doing it the expensive way. one sheet at a time from the craft store.

and your mom cracked my husband and i both up with her thong. we agree that she would be one firecracker of a lady to know.

Oh blimey & splutter -- now that I'm looking at some of your stencils in the making, I'm skeered. The pom pom flip-flops, now -- much more inviting (ha!) I love the picture that shows your work area, though -- other people's studios/creative spaces fascinate me!

Since you're digging Over the Rhine, you might want to try (in this order):
Neko Case
Dean & Britta

You are on to something my dear! I've been playing with coloring under transparencies and drawing on top. Now I must just take the plunge and cut out those images.

I LOVE this new work!!

Yay Free People!!


Yes to the underpainted stencil. Love the paint quality; goes perfectly with the look of the stencil. I too go by the theory that nothing feels more satisfying than to save a 'hopeless' painting. As for eating while _________, yes, I can pretty much eat and do any 2nd activity. Practice, baby!

Another OTR fan! I love them... my favorite for years now. Yay!

Awe inspiring
just some of the things that went through my head...had to prop my jaw back up when I saw these pages!

wow...I love this portrait and the mood it evokes and the color combo with a hint of yellow and red. Fantastic! Is that the postman I see in a stencil. Aye carumba! If you us #11 precision exactos blades I can send you plenty. and Mom what a sport with that thong and where did you find your plastic wolf mask? I've been looking for these plastic molded snap on wigs we used to have as a kids. That was a LONG time ago.

Mom Moss is funny!
I am being a bear too- I just want to be wrapped up in my blankie and that is just not o.k. with my boss!!! They say it looks "unprofessional" whatever.
Thanks again for the visual beauties!

I was scurrying around on Sunday, earnestly avoiding lesson planning and then at 4 Pm I had the realization - no school tomorrow! It's like finding money in a coat pocket. So of course i put it off until today and slow roasted the root vegetables I received in my CSA box today: beets, carrots, Japanese sweet potatoes (new to me), onions and garlic. Yahoo! That bird in the rays piece is outstanding. Is that a single stencil or several images together. It looks large - for your journal or a stand alone piece. What are the dimensions?

MM is so loved and cherished. What a wonderful mother to have raised her girlies to treasure her so much.

...if a song could be president...
...thanks for the turn on.........
...but the biggest turn on...YOUR ART!

the underpainting is so hip m.a. i really love the colors.
i have been hibernating as well, as this little cold spell in Texas has got me smitten~

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the painted stencils, Mary Ann. You have the absolute coolest journals of any I have ever seen.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you! :-)

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