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Sunday, January 27, 2008


ooo, i love sarah's blog! i get such a kick when one blog i read references another,when i can't remember how i came accross either of them. =)

so much beauty here, so much news. congrats on being featured in AB - i must find a copy of this issue, you've tweaked my interest and curiosity, as you do every time i come here...thank you.

eeep! I see my name in the table of contents there...so it did happen! I haven't received my issue yet and started to wonder. :)

Congrats on being featured! How cool that we are in the same issue together.

Thanks for the Sneak Peek, I am so excited to see MORE! I am loving the parchment and tape. You really do inspire me to play more, Thank you!

I just ordered this issue! I had to see your feature.

Well, I'm one of those persons who reads your blog and doesn't often comment. It's a must-read, and it's lovely, and I aspire to the stenciling! But I have to say this one thing, and I hope it doesn't seem that I'm being a detractor or anything, but...

it really irritates me that your blog is much more popular than mine. Try to tone it down, okay?

I love the stencils, and how could I not think they are absolutely devine. Kelly is my sister. I knew she favored our father but in your stencil profile I see his face; especially, the "English" eyes. Now I'll have to look at all your work and recommended sites.

What an amazing post. First of all the first image is fantastic. Love the color and the pieces of aged tape on the distressed background. Great to get a preview of Artful Blogging and congrats for being in it! And Martin Bochicchio's site is a wonder. Thanks!

Mary Ann Mary Ann Mary Ann

you amaze, amuse and astound

alphabetically speaking...

xox - eb.

This is a great issue!!! Adore seeing all my friends in print!!!


1:23 AM?! - Do you do that on school nights? I love how California smells in the morning, especially with that little bit of rain. Here in the Land of Enchantment, it is gray and cold again after a glorious sunny day of 50 degrees. Going out to the garage with my gas mask on to spray a slew of tags. I may plug in my Xmas iPod and spray in time to Lila Downs. I am working on pages one with a stencil of son and another with stencil of daughter.
What is the source of your numbers and what do they mean - editions? Cain't hardly wait for A.B.

Ooooo.... i just can't wait to get my copy of artful blogging! I live in a smaller Canadian city, so i'll be waiting for a bit, but i'm so excited to get it. I just started up my own art blog and i'm hoping for some great inspiration.

Kelly is even more beautiful on the inside! What a perfect subject she is for your stencils!

Blush! thank you, mary ann. i am so flattered to have been your muse. they're lovely.

M.A. - lovely portrait stencils! Congrats on A.B.! Haven't seen it yet but I'm thrilled for you. Those making lace photos were fascinating. Thanks for always widening our view of the world.

I laughed so loud about your sister, the sister, that I woke up my DH!

Hey, Girl, do you maybe love Martin's site cuz of the WOOD GRAIN, the minute you open it up (ahem!) Yes, Kelly's face is pretty amazing, I flashed on Marlene Dietrich. But YOU have such great eyebrows/eyes, also very expressive fingers when you include them so do NOT underestimate your own mug, 'k. I know -- I'm looking at YOU on my mail art just above my laptop. I didn't look at one single thing on that Artful Blogging sneak peek -- I LOVE surprises and I don't have my issue yet. I want to wait for it. Rain here, too, everything all dew-dappled, sweet smelling ... very soon I'm going out with the MuthaCam to prance and shoot wet objects!

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