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Thursday, November 29, 2007


There is also a faux ttv group on flickr you should check out!

Great images, as always. I read Hula Seventy for quite awhile and then lost track...and suddenly she was in our old town of Portland...and now I'm even more smitten with her. :) Those sprouts look yummy!

ohhhh, these are sooo cool....please tell, do you use photoshop or elements?

I LOVE brussel sprouts, these looks delish!

Stunning pages, I especially love the security envelope page. Love Photoshop, there's so much you can do with the software ...plenty to learn and experiment with.

ma....how do i get my photos this way? Instructions please or the site to tell me how? You blow my mind with all your info!
ps i love brussel sprouts! you and i have gotta get together someday, as i know we have lots to talk about....bet you like Cambozola Cheese too?

I love this blog! I love Randi, that picture of the sunset looks like my front yard, I'm going to cut some stencils because of you, I love those photos but it seems like a real production, I love brussel sprouts and will now try them roasted. Your blog is dangerous. My head is running and now I'll never get to sleep tonight.

I put a link to this entry on my blog. These photos are so cool! I tried it too, but can't get those true dark corners like you have, mine are more gradual. Come on now, do you have a can of black spray paint in your computer?

Yours is one of the blogs I check almost daily. I love the combination of your art voice, your teacher voice and your friendfamily voice.

Didn't you post the directions/recipe for those B sprouts earlier? They look familiar but i don't know where to look.

I looked at your (and other) links to fake TTV - process. As described there it seems daunting. How are you doing it?

All that you do - keep doing and thank you for the doing

wow...this is so full of great finds! as usual..thanks for the inspiration!

Laundry, brussel sprouts, blue green growing in the garden...I love it all...you have a wonderfully artistic and authentic online journal....visually and intellectually inspiring....be well and enjoy every one of those 48 hours!
jodi barone

I want roasted Brussels sprouts! me! me! me!! Pick me!!

I hope you have a marvelous weekend. I'll think of your trip while I'm altering tins.


Wow! Those all look great. LOVE the neighbor's laundry photo. Just to let you know, the water runs both ways. You've inspired me to get back to journaling something fierce.

Today I found amazing visual textures in my snail mail. Security envelopes that used to go straight to the shredder are now proudly displayed right next to the stack of bills I still need to pay.

If that's not enough, I spent the evening ripping up paper bags, scrunching them in water, hanging them to dry and then ironing them into tidy signatures. I haven't ironed in YEARS!

I'll be digging in the barn looking for my spray paint first thing in the morning.

Oh, and we had brussel sprouts for dinner. How weird is that?

I'm so happy I'm not the only drooling over these kinds of pictures!!!

You are my guru. When you say, "go here", I go there. When you say, "look at these", I look at those. You have me reading every episode of the Pioneer Woman with my tongue hanging out. You have me waiting breathlessly for my next opportunity to cut a stencil and spray. You have the wisdom, the inspiration, the cool, the inside connection. I realllllly love your blog.

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