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Sunday, November 11, 2007


You are ruining my marriage. I'm sure my husband thinks I'm cyber cheating. He says, "are you coming to watch TV with me?" "In a minute", say I. I think I'm just gonna run over there and take a quick peek. Oh sure, hours later. Not only do you send us to the best sites, your magic place is worth lingering. I've been lurking for awhile, so "Hi, I'm crazy aboutcha."

Ummm...I love fountain pens and the smell of inks! Love the image with the nibs..

I can't wait to tell our spencerian script tutor about your use of nibs and ink. You remember I told you he developed a serious twitch after we took his class last year and he asked them NOT to let us sign up together for the advanced class?
...hmmm... I wonder where my nibs and inks are?
You hid them the last time you were here didn't you?

Where do I start with you? Mouth watering photography, original new journal page, inspiring links; every day is Christmas at your blog. Smooches.

I have deleted many swear words after going to Alabama Chanin's site! You manage to find everything good on the web!!


m.a. YOU are the most energetic blogger I KNOW. You get me more inspired than.....oh, can't say here ~ but believe me you DO. I am busy (at home) working on jewelry, so will catch all the links later. You are a bundle of ideas and inspirations girly girl.
Great pics, as usual, and your energy is infectious.
Love ya~

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