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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Glad you got the box ok and it wasn't confiscated!

Ok, I've been lurking for awhile now, and today just does it. I have to tell you, I am transported when I get to scrolling your blog. You could keep me busy for weeks, following up on everything you share. Way cool.

HolySheepSh*t...do you know Shepard Fairey is featured in (and on the cover of) the Nov. issue of JUXTAPOZ? I just picked up a copy today! I have LOVED this guy since I first laid eyes on his Make Art - Not War poster...it has been my motto since!!!!!!

I am a lemon martini whore!! I must make this!

I have already asked for some lemoncello.


omg! thank you so much for the links to Shepard Fairey - he's a new hero for me - and so eloquently spoke to my own issue with the American Flag -- I'm all a flutter, wondering how I can reclaim it - on to some art!
thank you, thank you!

I really enjoyed the videos. I wanted to rifle through his stacks of stencils maybe almost as much as do.
What an interesting and varied blog entry. Enjoyed it mucho even without imbibing!

Always a treat of inspiration to come here and visit your page; can't imagine the thrill of being a sister and visiting in 3-D; your lucky family having you as a jewel to visit and be inspired by!
(and Dexter.. my fav... I have to wait until On Demand shows it locally; but I am hooked. Did you see Jekyll as well? hoping they return with season two)

Boxed Northwest...I love it!!

Just spent an hour with Shepard ... makes me wonder about what else is going on in the world that I know nothing about. (Andre hasn't made it here to the sticks) The interviews were great. Thanks. And it was fun trying to decipher your journal pages too (tee hee).

With all this stencil making and graffiti spraying you might want to put a get out of jail free card in your wallet.

It should fit in there with your spray nozzles.

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