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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Thank you so much for the link.

thanks for the super nice mention of my blog!
perhaps I'll have a lemon drop tonight, and when I do, I'll toast to you! xoxo

well wowsa - I am at a loss for stream of consciousness commentary - just wanna grab and spray - slow down girl...

it is always so exciting over here...

xox - eb.

I just love what you are up to... I admire journaling so very much! I LOVE wolfie and the sneak!!! xxo

The night is old now...

Not only do I love your pages, and PVD's pages...but the links always get me into trouble!!! Mama mia those papers!!

Thinking of you tonite after 2 lemondrop martinis of my own. You are so ready to jump onto canvas, onto serious (ha ha - what is serious in this mad world?) work that will grace walls beyond our lifetimes. You have it, soulgirl, launch yourself and watch you fly. godspeed.

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