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Monday, November 19, 2007


Please keep the kitty shennanigans in your blog. I laugh out loud at them. I, too, thought only toms did that. Hmmmm.

the little canvases are great; just the right size to work on and finish in a short time. If you do the resin I hope you show the steps because I have often wondered how this was done. I also have wondered about the gas mask avatar... now it makes sense ;-)

oh dear M.A. - lovely stuff here - and those fun kitties - wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving...

spinach salad by Boone...

xox - eb.

Glad I found your site. I love these canvases.

Now THESE are bloody fantastic! Bravo, dah-ling!

Love the little SQUARE Canvas pieces! I love squareness (word?) I don't think so but it should be! That is why I still use old 120mm film cameras.. All for the LOVE of the square! Funny I have always had little travel journals and I am trying to be bold and make a large canvas piece. You are the complete opposite. Your work is great; I love all the layers and graphic elements. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the stencil tip!

Your canvas's are great! Fog in CA...snow in CO...season's changing!

Happy Thanksgiving Ms Moss!

ooooooooo love all the new work. So amazing.
I have worked with resin. yes 2 parts- mask is good, but it is absorbed thru your skin, not necessarily lungs- measure carefully, mix really well, and use a straw to blow out any bubbles. I can't wait to see more. BTW do cats go to super cute class??

Love your cats and their shenanigans! Their photos are precious. Please don't ever stop giving us these illustrated reports. Love your blog, love your art journals, love your way with words. Keep it up!!

Oh, I am sooo sad for the banjo maker! Sniffle...

But the cats are so cute, they helped me feel better... xoxoox

We have had SO MUCH FOG!! It's L.A., for heavenssake!

I have not worked with resin yet. And I love these canvases. LOVE!


I read you every day.. what a divine life and talent you have. Then you you had to go and put a picture of your wonderful house on the blog....now I am jealous! Keep makin art! and talking bout your posse.
I love the canvases!!!

You are the best, my dear.
Reading about Okie Adams was very interesting. Funny how insular our lives are nowdays. A few decades ago, you would know who all your neighbors were.
Oh and the canvasses! Go faster! I want to see the wall of mosaics.

How do you keep doing it. Your posts are sooooo goood. You find the best stuff. Your cats are freakin' stars. Your work is awesome and getting better all the time. And now canvases!! I am genuflecting and giving you the salaam salute and everything else. I totally heart you.

I really love the canvases, Mary Ann! Are you ever thinking of selling any???

I love the art, but I love the cats as well. Please don't stop! My cats can't stand the thought!

what's not to love...
just when i think it can't possibly get any better ye blow me ships outta da water matey!

Hey, those canvases are pretty cool. and so was my mail art!! thank you very much!

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