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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


well, you made my day. love your work!

That is SOoo cool, the can's themselves are works of art!! I have to share this:

My brother started this...painting on the levees of the Arkansas River in Pueblo...oh must have been 30 years ago. They were chased by the police every night and now there is an organization that gives artists paint to add to the levees. I'll have to do a post on it and I'll link to your cool project!!!

That photo of the little people is absolutely, stunningly, rockin' great!! SO much energy and pure love coming forth - such light in every face. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Directions for using Greek Spraypaint.
1. Attach cap.
2. Shake well.
3. Raise can to the sky.
4. Shout "Op-a!"
5. Spray.

DISOBEY! That rocks! Your pages are swoony, and THAT new paint makes me break commandments (though shall not covet...) AND hand delivered? Get out!

HAVE YOU PICKED UP THE LATEST JUXTAPOZ? Drop everything and GET IT! HINT: bring enough pennies to get TWO copies.

Love the stencil self portrait! Oh I am amazed at how much you create and how wonderful it all is! You make me want to tell all my clients they must wait another week for their photos.. while I take some time to glue things and use my new kandi kane to add some sparkle to my life! Perhaps I will make them all wait just a little bit longer...

DIS-obey!! ha ha ha. And the 1972 Mary Ann. How precious is that? The pages are awesome - how do you whip them out so fast? I want some of that super pigmented acrylic ink. And those little alligators. *sigh* Life is sweet. (super cool logo-dude on the spray cans. I likey.)

The little people are probably so excited because they have YOU for their teacher! I can't imagine a more fun teacher for second graders.
I used to have a home daycare, so I understand about adjusting...

Did you see how the city council went in and WHITE WASHED the mural?? It was completely legit (permits and all) and they whitewashed it. See more here: http://tothecurb.wordpress.com/2007/10/29/a-mystery-at-the-la-river/

I would have LOVED To have seen it in person

I'd much rather look at graffiti art then the stupid billboards in my neighborhood (West Hollywood)! ARGH!!

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