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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


it is comforting to hear some news directly from you about the fires - we have family in Coronado and have been trying to reach them...

so happy your sis is there now - have a wonderful time - your pictures are gorgeous as always...

xox - eb.

I'm coming! Let me just round up my saddle and pony and I'm on my way. I'll bring the shaker and olives. (I'm pretty sure you dont need a shaker for martinis but it sounded good.) Don't you two do anything I wouldn't do.

Good thing you have that gas mask to wear to protect yourself from the fallout. Were you wearing it when you fetched Sister from the airport?

Have I mentioned how much I admire your wonderful photos here? Well, I am sure I haven't this week. You have a very talented and skilled eye; not just to see - but to create as well. Always an inspiration to visit.
Found this interactive fire map of S. California on the LA times map.

Glad you are not near the fires...what devistation! Where does your sis fly in from??

Anyway, have a great time together!!

Take care with all those fires so close by~I thought about you immediately when I saw all those poor people from Malibu.
Gorgeous towels and glasses from Anthropologie.
I know you are enjoying your sister being there. Sounds like the plans my daughter and I make when we get together. Way more than we can get too~

I think the touch of domesticity could be due to the high winds and particulates in the air. No worries. This too shall pass.

Thinking of all living things in southern California, praying for your protection, that the Santa Anas would cease and that some of our long-overdue rain here in PA might somehow find its way to your area to douse the flames.

Enjoy your visit with your cat-lovin' martini-makin' sister (the best kind to have!)


That first photo makes me go cold, we also get horrific fires where I live in Australia, our house was surrounded by fire on ash Wednesday in 1983, luckily we survived, but I still dread the hot north wind here in summer, they tell us we're heading into one of our worst seasons ever as we've had no real rain for over two years.

I hope you have a great time with your sister, happy journaling

had to tag you...

We've been traveling the past few days but I've been thinking about you with all of the news of fires. So scary and sad. Your dishtowels are gorgeous, though, and it's nice to recognize the beauty in small things, though fleeting. But, hey, did you notice the silly face in the sink bubbles? Or is it just me?? Take care of yourself and enjoy your sister's visit! ;-)

I loveeeeeeee anthropologie!!!! I used to go to the Newport store when I took my daughter out to build-a-bear and buy just a dishtowel or a potholder and would feel like I had totally spoiled myself because they are so pretty!
When your sister sees our air quality, she will probably want to hop back on that plane...I feel so sorry for all the people and animals who are having to deal with this. This morning I woke up and my throat hurt and my eyes and nose were burning and I thought I might complain a little and realized that I am very fortunate to only have to breathe in some ashes...I still have my house!
Have fun with your sis!!! karen...

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