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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Wyatt, you make sleeping look good dude. Tell your Mommy she's ingested too many spray paint fumes and she should get her addiction under control right now. Just kidding, spray away, Dispatch from LA. What will be next from Mama Moss? Stay tuned...

your stencil art ROCKS! you are making those pieces sing! kudos!!

I love it!!! Your spray paint box, too!!!! Ohh... I am itchin' to do some creating.... just don't have the energy after meetings... don't have my school stamina yet... but it will get here!!! And yes... those meetings can be a great big snore...zzzzz...
However... today we heard a fabulous speaker...Liz Murray... the Lifetime movie "Homeless to Harvard" was based on her life. Wow... what presence... what a message...I could have listened to this young lady...she is about 26... all day.
Yes... we start way too early. We don't get out until around the 1st of June.

Excellent stuff. Those stencil portraits are fabulous!!!

Eye Heart Mary Ann...



this is my kinda

crime scene

... my cans left their lids in the drive the day they got here...

xox - eb.

What is it with spray paint that is so exciting? Have you tried krylon H2O spray paint. I have found the best prices and colors at Walmart. The paint is so much less toxic than the brands I see in your box. Your designs are wonderful!!

Hello - first time here - so much to look at, and fun to read!! Too cool!!

I have NO idea where to start commenting. It's just too much (in a good way).
Those sun rays are SO "Chairman Mao" propaganda poster.
New heights my Darling, new heights.

Oh, I love it! Love seeing you in action!!!! Oh, C'mon, don't be so hard on yourself... So the tops are gone... No prob.... Write the color on the side with white out or somethin', I love the topless look... Wait, You know what I mean.. xxo

Can't remember--have you stenciled the Cat Posse? Well, not stenciled ON them, but OF them. Altho, if there's a way to stencil ON a cat, you'll find one! More about stencil adhesive, please!

those rays are rockin! and i'm busting a gut at the skewer talk...have several bags here cuz i don't use adhesive. too mucky because i never remember which side i sprayed with it. CRIME SCENE - best description! No wait, Edward Scissorhands...EVEN BETTER. Still laughing. You kill me.

I can not even believe that those covers got even better! That cat needs a belly kiss for sure!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, These are the best, I love messsy spray paint cans, Skewers? What a great idea!!

Oh holy googlie mooglies! Enough eye candy to send me into shock! *babbles words not even invented yet* And now my hands twitch with excitement wanting to go run out and buy every spraypaint can available to man erm woman! ;o) I can just picture myself at the checkout with eyes glazed over and hands shaking while going through my wallet searching for every available funds LOL

Whoa whoa WHOA...I should be using adhesive on my stencils? *sighs* No wonder why I'm creating stenciled blobs! The paint gets under the paper. Currently I'm using paper clips. Not working so well. Care to share your wisdom with this newbie? Do you apply spray adhesive to whole thing and is it hard to take off later?

I couldn't photoshop the ray thing either so I scanned a dart board and tweeked it for a stencil. I like your big bold rays.

I am just drooling over those stencils....awesome!

These particular types of posts should have a WARNING sign at the beginning....fasten seat belts, remove dentures...

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