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Saturday, August 04, 2007


Your sunrays are much better than what you could have gotten in photoshop...your work is insanely wonderful!!

Love all the links of more and more and more inspiration!

We'd all like to see photos of the entire cat posse please!
Thank you!

Hey, My hands are sticky from my first stencil with spray paint. It would take too long to tell you the events that led up to today's project but I thought you'd like to know these 2 things.. I just discovered you blog.... I love it.. very inspirational... and...... Out local dump/landfill has a place where people czn bring their toxic paints, bug spray, or chemicals... the good news is it cost them a lot of money to dispose of it.. so they let you take what you want.... botom line... I have dozens of free cans of spray paint in my aresenal.... maybe you could check your local landfill...

I love it! How wonderful, book covers? Fab. Amanda Sears, very interesting work, I think it might be stencils and airbrush???

I am so loving those covers!!

I look like a super hero comic book character! Are you going to write about the adventures of super sister? It looks superb and spectacular. I am going to go out now and leap tall buildings in a single bound and rescue the downtrodden! (after I finish whacking back all my nearly wild roses and insanely growing dogwoods that is). Garden first then the saving of the distressed. oh and I will have to have coffee and pound cake after the whacking and before the saving. Even a superhero needs to keep up her strength.

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