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Monday, July 02, 2007


oh my, i'm so behind, lots to read! i've been on the road and just started to get caught up on my blog reading. love seeing all your purty pictures, 'specially the one of you in THE MASK! hope you got a giggle from it, and have been using it on days where it isn't too hot outside cuz you need to protect your lungs but not at the expense of passing out from being under that rubbah.
kiss cheek left, kiss cheek right, missed ya.

beautiful photos and yes, very cool the stencils. I think I will have to try this in my own journal soon. I've never tried anything like stensiling, but it might be fun, do you need to spray paint it? hmm... got to study this more I think.

What a yummy post! screaming over here *#)@)*(@ amazing (you can use your imagination on the symbols I typed heh!) Now...Deb has the most devious idea! Love it! But make sure you do a drive by photo shot of it! ;o)

These are just to die for MA. I could gaze all day.

...i attempted to post a comment after viewing this blog entry last night...but apparently I fainted::::::: 'nuff said.

stop already!!! you're killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just LOVING your blog!!! LOVE the latest stenciling ideas AND your most recent journal finished.... *sigh* GORGEOUS! :D

Those shadows are mesmerising! That LA light must really be stark. I admire your eye for these things, you seem able to inject a little creativity into everything you do.
Maybe you could stencil onto sticker paper for some street art, I always thought it would be a good way to surreptitiously place something on a wall while passing by.

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