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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Montrose?! We must pass each other as we stroll through the marketplace. We are there all the time! We DO live parallel lives. I love your joy of teaching. Keep on making a difference.

i'm totally in agreement about the weight issus - it's just a number, and why should i feel ashamed of my age or my weight?! my girth is part of who i am right now - i love good food and i enjoy eating it. i'm fairly active and healthy. and i'm not into sqeezing the life out of my arms, legs, or middle either!

I just knew you'd be a cutie even with a gas mask on! I have an almost identical photo of the glistening jars of agua fresca from the Brownsville flea market (heavy emphasis on the flea). My favorite is the cantalope, mmmmm! Hey, did I tell you we're getting our passports together for a trip to Guanajanto? It's going to take forever because evidently, next year you will have to show a passport just to go right over the border so everyone and their cat are already lining up in droves...and what is a drove, btw??

I pretty much had coffee spewing out my nostrils when I read this post and saw the photo. You are over the top funny!! I stumbled on in here from Sharon's blog (allnorahsart) and I am so glad I did. I can't wait to go through and read it all.
Best ~ Rella

Yes, I agree with everything!!

You've done it again! Thanks to you and Amy Rice I'm going to be cutting a new stencil today. Honestly, your blog never fails to make my eyes light up. As for gordo, get over here and give me a hug! My DH calls me his little "shake-a-puddin'". Wheeeeee!

The connotation of the word fat is in the EAR of the beholder. In Spanish, FAT (gorda) is merely a description. I use it as an accurate description of myself. I'm all for reclaiming words. Remember the Take Back The Night rallies from the 70's and 80's? Well I see it as Take Back The Fat campaign. Can you hear my battle cry?

FAT is just such a pejorative word, laced with every kind of negative
vibration. I prefer to call us, you and me, "Women of Substance",
which has, for me at least, all kinds of positive implications and references.
Be well, be healthy, and create in peace.

o.k. first off, sign me up for one of those grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches... yum!
I'm gonna have to venture out next week and ck. that out. I was wondering, do you make you pages and then create a book?? Perhaps you could explain that one to me? I could sit quietly and eat my sandwich... hummmmm...
Also, I'm fat so what too. But I don't think I want to wear my weight on my t-shirt. BUT, I will don my matching mask! Don't ya love it??

ah man, you are so rockin' with that new mask and widget! love that new windows open so i never have to leave here. who'd ever want to navigate away from those stunning portfolios and strawberries? you've made me want grilled cheese and tomato now.....

Hey we have matching gas masks, glad to see I'm not alone in my fashion statment LOL What a wonderful real picture of yourself, I don't see fat or tree trunk arms, I see a nice curvaceous woman who appears comfortable with herself, rock on!!

You rock. I love your art. Keep on keepin on and all that good stuff.

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