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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Hi Mary Ann,
I absolutely love the work you are doing in your journal!! Your photographs of your art are so bold and brilliant--really makes your blog snap! I love your new banner too!

Hope you are enjoying summer.


All this brewhaha about cutting stencils made me run out to buy spray paint and card stock. I wanna try it, too! :-D

Love the sacred heart! I have a soft spot for those.

Your innovation in journaling techniques continues to amaze me. Fresh, new, and visualy exciting. I just love what you're doing with your stencil portraits. You should do stuff to exhibit!!!!!
(Back home now - will check my post box later today)

...you know,seriously, i am not sure my heart can take this much longer.

...forget the fireworks, i am going to try cutting some stencils today....been way to long since i've played with them, back in the day when i used to do airbrushing...

...i've carved a rubber stamp similar to your camera...so i think i can handle a stencil...your sacred heart did me in...gave me my own personal firework display in my head!!!

Ok, why am I reading blogs on the 4th of July?? , I am making salsa for the family outing at the lake, getting things ready, watering the garden. Then I realized , no one is home!!! I can do what I want. I poured a glass of wine, got out the computer and started looking at stuff, I wanted to stencil on some tank tops and remembered you had these stencil ideas. So, here I am.
thanks for the ideas.I have one hour to PLAY!!!

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