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Monday, July 23, 2007


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mary ann, so happy to have you join the mail art crusade since you are the postal princess spreading love to many nations, and even my own home! gracias for sharing your coolness with the team. loving that floral...you are rockin' the custom stencils!

I love the flower stencil. I thought the mail art was way cool!!


Love your stencils. You made some wonderful art mail!

Oh, I just love your new stencils! You have such a great talent of finding pictures, which will convert well into the medium. You are a mail art goddess!:D

I've loved THE WORDS UNDER THE WORDS for years. Thank you for sharing that as well as your visual wonderfulness. We need to exchange book cases!

I love the poem and your stencils are more amazing each day!

These images are really amazing...I think I may have to try some spray painting.

I'll be posting more soon of our spray painter extraordinare...

Awesome! Love your mail art.

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