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Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's so inspirational and what feels better than a beautifully FINISHED journal?
Well Done, now on to the next one, new frontiers, new mylar to cut.....
I agree with Michelle, let's just hop right up on the desk next to Wyatt...while we're eating fresh stuff from your farmers market. That produce makes our stuff look like cardboard. Drool.

oh- geez- I LOVE the flower stencil. and the new self portrait is amazing too.

Hey Girlfriend!! That Self Portrait stencil of you and your camera is the bomb?? How did you take a picture of you holding your camera anyway?? Gosh I didn't know you must have that new foot attachment. Leave to MA to always have the latest in technology. It makes me want to forget the laundry, painting the hall, making meat loaf all before Bret's baseball game tonight and spend the day MAKING STENCILS!! I saw this thing on TV last week and thought of you. They enlarged a image off a piece of fabric and made a stencil off of it so the image on the wall matched the fabric on the pillow. How cool is that.

I particulary like the last page...the combo of the stencil and the monoprint!!

AND those figs! what a great photo!

The floral stencil reminds me of fireworks. Flower fireworks to celebrate the finish of a journal.

oh my! that tendrilly floral is very fine and LOVE that new SP with the camera! how's this for sychronicity? i just carved a stag in rubber last night. yours is bigger and better, a stencil! so much to see...wich i was sitting with wyatt :)

&#^*! That is what I have to say about your newest self-portrait stencil. I would gladly translate &#^*! but, methinks we speak the same dialect :) In my opinion you saved the best for the last page!

Oh...and those tomatoes and figs...we found a bag of them on our doorstep from a friend the other night! How cool is that? Uh, but could you pass the avocados, please?

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