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Friday, July 06, 2007


Holy cow, these are drop dead gorgeous. I am not kidding you. Your work is just totally amazing.

OK, so you have me worked into a froth to do stenciling. I checked out Little Black Kitty's blog for the how-to's, but because I am a total novice and only using PSE4, I was not able to make them. I will blame operator error. Sooo...can you give me some info on how you are doing these or some info on where to look. I googled "photos to stencils" and other related titles, but came up with zilch. I want to DO this! Thanks. Enjoying your blog mightly. donna

When I saw your post title I thought perhaps YOU were the new punk-of the stencil graffiti variety that is! I thought perhaps the boy at Home Depot refused to sell you all those cans of spray paint because you might artistically tag his doodled wall with some stencil art....heh, heh.... Love the work and that you are using cardboard scraps - how very green of you! You rock Mary Ann ;o)

i bought more stencils, and stuff to make stencils. This is very addicting!!

loving that flower stencil- and the sacred heart looks great!

ow! i tried to take a bite out of my laptop screen when i saw the stenciled cardboard...it looks so YUMMY! :) i now look like little mijo punk who is waiting for his new teeth :/

as far as punks go -- i think they said "give all the cute ones to Mary Ann"....

As a huge fan of red, black and white, I can completely understand your need to continue to use them in your art work. You take the most beautiful photos! Have a great weekend with your stencils.:D

At my Paperaholics support meeting tomorrow night, I will see if they have a support group for you. Maybe you should come to my meetings.

Love the new work and the cute little faces.

Love, love, love the black, white and red. I eyed the spray paint at Michael's and Joann's when I was in there today, but I only got the fabric paint I need for the fabric design swap I am doing.

Next stop, spray paint!!

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